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Top Quality Components:

Great Value Honda, Hi-Spec and Eaton are some of the quality components that combine to make CANDIG a quality investment. Only the best of fabricating techniques are good enough for CANDIG, ranging from using experienced welders, computer-guided cutting tools, to its polished finish. Parts are machined for accuracy and joints are protected with replaceable, high quality bushings and grease fittings. Parts have been chosen for reliability AND ease of finding replacement parts anywhere in the world. The philosophy of CANDIG is to offer the end-user a product that they can rely on because we know that your business depends on your tools.

Competitive Edge:

Ask yourself…. Can your completion move their Mini Excavator into a basement? Can they tow it with a quad or push it by hand? Can they pass over sensitive areas like remote wilderness landscapes, sprinkler systems, septic fields and lawns without causing more damage than good? CANDIG units are stable with their 72 inch wheel base, making them safe to operate on uneven ground.

Your Business:

Low investment/High return…. Where can you find a tool that is capable of generating more income for such a low investment? In addition, you do not need to invest in a trailer or larger truck to haul your CANDIG unit. As an owner of a CANDIG Mini Excavator you will be admired and recognized as an industry leader.

Bottom Line:

You will be generating more income for your business from the time you invest in your CANDIG Mini Excavator. Put your short handled shovel in the shed and be free from back pain! From now on, you can relax and let CANDIG do all your digging… and it’s fun too!