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Model CD11 CD21 Mining CD21 CD21 – Skid Steer
Horse power (Honda) 5.5 9 13
Weight (with large bucket and filled with fluids) 840 pounds 1200 pounds 1250 pounds 1500 pounds
Break-out force (of bucket) 2600 pounds 3000 pounds 3600 pounds
Digging depth 5 feet 10 feet
Reach height 98 inches 122 inches
Loading Height 52 inches 64 inches
Reach 93 inches 124 inches
Lateral swing (45 degrees both directions) 90 degrees
Operating pressure 2100 psi
Oil tank 4 gallons 4.5 gallons
Pump 4 gpm 6 gpm
Wheel size 13 inches
How does it move? hydraulic power to bucket, boom and stick drives like a skid steer
Drives itself? , but drags itself hydraulically
Standard 12″ excavator bucket included
Loader/snow plow bucket included?
Fork lift attachment included?
Manual stabilizers hydraulic stabilizers included
2 inch trailer hitch included?
Safety chain included?
Spare parts kit available? ask dealer ask dealer ask dealer ask dealer
Capable of quickly and easily separating into two loads for transport by helicopter?
6″ or 8″ wide trenching bucket ask dealer
20″ wide grading bucket ask dealer
Hydraulic thumb ask dealer
Hydraulic breaker ask dealer
Ripper/root cutter ask dealer
Access wheels (makes the excavator 28 inches wide) ask dealer
Travel lights (Required for highway travel) ask dealer
Fenders (Required for highway travel) ask dealer
Hydraulic stabilizers ask dealer included
Rototiller ask dealer
Hydraulic Breaker ask dealer
All excavators include either “John Deere” or “Cat” standard controls (free) and are the most basic, reliable choice of value to use in remote areas OR upgrade to joysticks (not recommended because they add extra parts that could fail in remote areas)