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CD11 Excavator

CD11 (Hobby Farmers) (5.5 hp)

  • The CD11 tows easily with a small car, quad or even pushed by hand
  • Perfect for landscaping or a hobby farm
  • Numerous optional and included accessories add great value to your investment
  • The thumb allows you to pick up rocks or logs weighing over 1,000 lbs

CD21 (Remote Applications – other than Mining) (9.0 hp)

  • Need more power? The CD21R provides 3,000 lbs of breakout force using a 9 hp Honda engine
  • The CD21R is used for remote locations capable of digging 10 ft deep through tough, rocky ground with ease
  • The hydraulic thumb picks up rocks or logs weighing up to a ton
  • Comes with 12 inch wide bucket; and there’s the option of having an 8 inch trenching bucket or 20 inch grading bucket
  • “Ripper” accessory digs through frozen ground and acts as a root cutter
  • Also available with fenders and travel lights (which are required for highway towing)
  • When you need power and digging depth, the CD21R is for you!



Mining CD21, with Added Power, Stronger Framework, and Basic Spare Parts (13.0 hp)

  • Mining CD21 is more stable and much safer to use on steep slopes using multi-positional arms and axles
  • Can tear out huge stumps from slopes of 35 degrees
  • Large rubber tires and lightweight design cause little damage to the environment. It leaves virtually no trace as it climbs steep, forested slopes from trench site to trench site.
  • Larger 13 hp Honda engine meets pollution control standards and uses very little gas daily
  • Includes 2 spare hoses, pins, grease nipples, filter, wrenches, tool box, gas container and duct tape to keep you working reliably
  • Can be transported by helicopter to remote mining sites in one load, or quickly/easily in two loads of 700 + 550 pounds.

CD21SS – Skid Steer (complete with all attachments) (13.0 hp)

  • Driveable, towable and quickly and easily converts to an Excavator, Loader, Snow Plow or Forklift – all attachments included!
  • Unlike the other CD21s, this unit can be self driven
  • Hydraulic stabilizers included