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Mining CD21 – Commercial Mining & Prospecting – 13.0 HP


  • Mining CD21 is more stable and much safer to use on steep slopes using multi-positional arms and axles
  • Can tear out huge stumps from slopes of 35 degrees
  • Large rubber tires and lightweight design cause little damage to the environment as it moves itself from trench site to trench site without a trace along steep, forested areas
  • Larger 13 hp Honda engine meets pollution control standards and uses only one gallon of gas per four hours
  • Includes 2 spare hoses, pins, grease nipples, filter, wrenches, tool box, gas contain and duct tape to keep you working reliably; and an optional, very comprehensive spare parts kit is also available (which also contains a complete re-build kit). 
  • Can be transported by helicopter to remote mining sites in one load, or quickly and easily in two loads of 700 + 550 pounds


  1. Bucket – The CD21 comes with one bucket and another two optional buckets. The first is 13 inches wide (but deeper than the CD11 bucket) and has a capacity of 2 cubic feet. The second is a trenching bucket which is 8 inches wide and is great for digging down 7 feet to install water lines. The grading bucket can be used to clean up.

  1. Access Wheels – The CD21 has a similar set of access wheels that can pin on quickly to allow the CANDIG Mini Excavator to become only 28 inches wide.

  1. Ripper – The ripper is attached to the bottom of the trenching bucket and allows your CANDIG Mini Excavator to dig through frozen or tough ground with ease. Since 2006, the ripper has been modified so that it also acts as a root cutter.

  1. Thumb – The thumb is available with the CD21. It is a mechanical thumb that can be pinned in a retracted position for storage and will always be available for use by quickly and easily re-pinning it into its work position.

  1. Also available with CD21 are the wood splitter, auger and automatic hydraulic stabilizers, all of which use quick-connects to tap into the existing hydraulics.

CD21 Ripper


CD21 Thumb


My operator, Michael Renning, worked hands on with the machine in the field and was very pleased with its operation. His condensed testimonial is below. From a Manager’s point of view, I was very impressed with the CANDIG hoe being very reasonably priced at the front end to being able to break it down to manageable pieces for mob-demob by a 206 Jet Ranger and its easy operation whilst digging a trench. I found it very cost effective to get the samples required for geology and assay purposes. As an Exploration Manager responsible for exploration in remote areas, I would recommend this very mobile hoe to any exploration company working in areas of thin to moderate overburden such as Yukon, Nevada and certain areas of BC. Thanks again.

George NormanPacific Ridge Exploration Ltd.Yukon, Nevada and BC