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Corporate OfficeWith Corporate Headquarters located in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, CANDIG is a “Made In Canada” product. Incorporated in 2001, CANDIG Mini Excavators Inc. is the result of years of research, development and product testing.

CANDIG works extensively with Community Futures Development Corporation and Industrial Research and Product Development Corporation of Canada (IRAP). CANDIG Mini Excavators Inc. began marketing its products to mining exploration companies, hobby farmers, and a host of other related small businesses that require compact digging tools. CANDIG has won awards such as:

Best Manufacturing Company in Kamloops 3 Years Running

2007 Technology Innovator Award

Technology Innovator Award

And Have Been Nominated For

Best Exporting Company in Canada

(Small Business Division)

With growing demand and customer satisfaction, it soon became evident that CANDIG was here to stay!

Working with 140 Canadian Embassies around the world, CANDIG Mini Excavators Inc. has established a remarkably complex and reliable system of distribution and service for its customers. CANDIG uses a network of trucking companies to ensure fast and reliable delivery anywhere in North America. For overseas delivery, CANDIG employs Livingston International Inc. who take full care of ocean and/or air freight. Taken collectively, CANDIG has established an impressive infrastructure during its growth phase. It is now well-established and ready to take care of the needs of present and future customers.

The management of CANDIG has a lifetime of experience in the general excavation industry, and specifically to meet the needs for use in remote areas. They understand that the excavation needs of their customers are varied, yet they all have one thing in common…. the need to know and trust that they are investing in a product that will meet their individual needs reliably and affordably.

CANDIG has been presented both the CE Declaration of Conformity showing that their products meet safety and quality standards set out for the European community and the National Safety Mark which shows that their products meet the requirements set out by the Motor Vehicle Safety Standards of Canada and authorizes them to issue internationally recognized serial numbers.