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CD21SS – Skid Steer (complete with all attachments) – 13.0HP


  • Driveable, towable and quickly and easily converts to an Excavator, Loader, Snow Plow or Forklift – all attachments included!
  • Self driven
  • Hydraulic stabilizers included


  1. Bucket – The CD21 comes with one bucket and another two optional buckets are available. The first is 12 inches wide (but deeper than the CD11 bucket) and has a capacity of 2 cubic feet. The second is a trenching bucket which is 8 inches wide and is great for digging down 10 feet to install water lines. The grading bucket can be used to clean up.
  1. Ripper – The ripper is attached to the bottom of the trenching bucket and allows your CANDIG Mini Excavator to dig through frozen or tough ground with ease. Since 2006, the ripper has been modified so that it also acts as a root cutter.
  1. Thumb – The hydraulic thumb is available with the CD21SS.
  1. Also available with CD21SS is the auger. 
  1. Fenders and lights are available (and required) for highway travel.

CD21 Ripper


CD21 Thumb