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CD21 – Remote Applications – other than Mining – 9.0 HP


  • Need more power? The CD21 provides 3,000 lbs of breakout force using a 9 hp Honda engine
  • The CD21 is used for remote locations capable of digging 10 ft deep through tough, rocky ground with ease
  • The thumb picks up rocks or logs weighing up to a ton
  • Comes with 12 in wide regular bucket
  • “Ripper” accessory digs through frozen ground and acts as a root cutter
  • Also available with many options
  • When you need power and digging depth, the CD21 is for you!


  1. Bucket – The CD21 comes with one bucket and another two optional buckets are available. The first is 12 inches wide (but deeper than the CD11 bucket) and has a capacity of 2 cubic feet. The second is a trenching bucket which is 8 inches wide and is great for digging down 10 feet to install water lines. The grading bucket can be used to clean up.

  1. Access Wheels – The CD21 has a similar set of access wheels that can pin on quickly to allow the CANDIG Mini Excavator to become only 28 inches wide.

  1. Ripper – The ripper is attached to the bottom of the trenching bucket and allows your CANDIG Mini Excavator to dig through frozen or tough ground with ease. Since 2006, the ripper has been modified so that it also acts as a root cutter.

  1. Thumb – The hydraulic thumb is available with the CD21.

  1. Also available with CD21 are the auger and automatic hydraulic stabilizers.

  1. Fenders/lights are options that are required for highway towing.

CD21 Ripper


CD21 Thumb


The CD21R is still perking along; it must be close to ten years now. I haven’t had any problems with it at all and it has seen a lot of pretty hard use at the hunt camp. Thanks for the discount offer but it doesn’t look like I will need a new one anytime soon!

Peter Faye