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CD11 – Hobby Farmers – 5.5 HP

CD11 Excavator

  • The CD11 tows easily with a small car, quad or even pushed by hand
  • Perfect for landscaping or a hobby farm
  • Numerous optional and included accessories add great value to your investment
  • The thumb allows you to pick up rocks or logs weighing over 1,000 lbs
  • Fenders, lights and safety tow chain make it legal for public highways
  • Treat yourself to a new CanDig unit for all your small job needs!


  1. Bucket – The CD11 comes with one bucket and another two optional buckets. The first is 12 inches wide. The second is a trenching bucket which is only 6 inches wide and is ideal for installing cables or sprinkler systems. The 20 inch grading bucket can be used to clean up.

  1. Access Wheels – The CD11 access wheels pin onto the CANDIG Mini Excavator in seconds, allowing it to become 28 inches wide. They are sturdy, steel wheels which allow you to push the excavator by hand or use the hydraulic power to move it through those tight spots.

  1. Ripper – The ripper is attached to the bottom of the trenching bucket and allows your CANDIG Mini Excavator to dig through frozen or tough ground with ease. Since 2006, the ripper has been modified so that it also acts as a root cutter.

  1. Thumb – operates hydraulically, and can pick up heavy loads.

  1. Also available with CD11 are the auger and automatic hydraulic stabilizers.

CD11 Ripper


CD11 Thumb


We used our CD11 this spring, digging up trees and replanting them in our yard with minimum effort (CANDIG did it all). We planted 18 trees including fir, spruce, white pine and fruit trees, some of which were 18 feet tall. We didn’t even break a sweat. We also used it in conjunction with out Kubota RTV900 to haul gravel and fix a low spot in our driveway. We hooked it on behind the Kubota and towed it to the bottom of our hill to the gravel pit where we changed it over and loaded the hydraulic dump box of the Kubota with gravel. After a dozen loads to our house, we hooked it back up to the Kubota and brought it home. I have to tell you, this is the best machine we have ever purchased!!

Anne and Brian Shuck